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Weird Old Days of Yore: Under the Eclipse in Lime, Oregon

The Great American Eclipse may be a few months gone by now, but I'm still thinking about my crazy adventure under totality at the old Lime cement factory in Lime, Oregon. After my visit I put together a short documentary about the factory. Watch it below!

Lime is an unincorporated community on the eastern edge of the state of Oregon, just a few miles west of Idaho. It was once home to a cement factory, but when the nearby lime deposits dried up the factory closed. It has now been abandoned since 1980. If you love ruins & abandoned places as much as I do, Lime is a must see!

Though the property is technically private & closed to the public, there was a smattering of eclipse viewers there this summer. The Oregon Department of Transportation drove by several times before & after the eclipse's totality to check on viewers without asking any of us to leave.

Lime was a perfect spot to view the eclipse. Watching the sun go out over the ruins of a factory was a once in a l…

In the beginning...

In the beginning there was a dream... to get out of my studio apartment in Hollywood & see the world. The world is a big place, & I'm starting that dream close to home. Angelino All Over is a travel blog about finding adventure wherever you are; from your neighborhood, to a country far far away.

Who am I?
I'm a poet, filmmaker, & writer originally from Portland, Oregon. Since 2006 I've lived in London, New Orleans, Brooklyn, & Los Angeles. As a kid I ventured to Victoria, BC, Paris & Sydney. I'm now using LA as my home base for seeing the world! I traveled a lot in my early twenties & I'm getting back into it after a chunk of time with regular jobs & a long list of responsibilities.

Stay tuned for adventures from wherever the road takes me!