Weird Old Days of Yore: Under the Eclipse in Lime, Oregon

The Great American Eclipse may be a few months gone by now, but I'm still thinking about my crazy adventure under totality at the old Lime cement factory in Lime, Oregon. After my visit I put together a short documentary about the factory. Watch it below!

Lime is an unincorporated community on the eastern edge of the state of Oregon, just a few miles west of Idaho. It was once home to a cement factory, but when the nearby lime deposits dried up the factory closed. It has now been abandoned since 1980. If you love ruins & abandoned places as much as I do, Lime is a must see!

Though the property is technically private & closed to the public, there was a smattering of eclipse viewers there this summer. The Oregon Department of Transportation drove by several times before & after the eclipse's totality to check on viewers without asking any of us to leave.

Lime was a perfect spot to view the eclipse. Watching the sun go out over the ruins of a factory was a once in a lifetime experience. Immediately after totality, the sunlight was this bright white hue which put everything in stark contrast.

there is no filter on this photo!

The cement factory is in total disrepair, but is a popular spot for graffiti artists of all levels. My personal favourites are a series of designer handbags painted onto the remains of pillars around the grounds. The Chanel handbag with a chain made of spray painted tires is especially brilliant.

I love ruins of all shapes & sizes & first stumbled upon Lime when I was driving from Portland, Oregon to New Orleans for college at age 19. Finally being able to explore the grounds this past August was a dream come true! There are so many dark corners to check out, & the echos of a once thriving business. Ruins like this make me wonder what we might look like in a thousand years. Will the remains of our civilization be attractions like the pyramids? I love that something like the Lime Cement Factory lays in wait for explorers not even 30 mins drive outside of Idaho on I84. If you're driving through, exit onto route 30 toward Huntington & Lime is just a handful of miles north. This area does get quite hot in the summer months, so bring water, sunscreen, a hat, & sunglasses. The sunrise over the ruins is fabulous, so I recommend a early start.

While exploring the grounds, make sure to watch where you're walking. Many of the structures have now inaccessible basements that would be easy to fall into. Keep your eyes peeled, & wear sturdy shoes. There is a lot of debris that could puncture more flexible shoe soles.

Lime is about a 15 hour drive from Los Angeles, if you go like a bat out of hell! We made it in around 13 hours, & avoided much of the eclipse traffic by taking a route through the Nevada desert. There are some interesting & beautiful sights to be seen along this route, so budget some extra time if you're driving in from LA. I have a couple of posts coming up from the weird world of desert highways, so stay tuned!