Mirror in the Sky: Walker Lake Nevada

En-route to my adventure in Lime, Oregon this past August, we stopped at the absolutely stunning Walker Lake.

A natural lake located in western Nevada along SR 95, Walker Lake is a gorgeous & placid reflection of the surrounding desert, but it also has a long & fascinating history. The lake is actually all that is left of a gigantic inland sea, which, during the last ice age, covered most of the state of Nevada. (If you know me, you know how much I love an ice age inland sea). The area around the lake has been the longtime home of the Paiute, & the Walker River Reservation is just a bit north along SR 95. The town of Walker Lake, bisected by the highway, has a rough population of 275 (as of the 2010 census). The handful of small sun bleached homes have the feel of being in a dystopian dreamscape.

The town of Walker Lake.

There are plenty of places to pull off the highway to pause for a bit to bask in the beauty of the lake & take a few pictures. Keep an eye out for large trucks traveling up this narrow & winding stretch of 95.

Once a thriving ecosystem, the lake is now dwindling due to Walker River irrigation projects. A group founded in 2003 called The Walker Lake Crusaders, has dedicated themselves to the conservation of the lake & Monument Beach (formerly known as Walker Lake State Recreation Area).

During the summer the shore surrounding the lake is absolutely covered in SPIDERS! They flock to the lake for its spider friendly food supply, & cover all the shrubs with their webs!

Filling the valley directly south of the lake is the Hawthorne Army Depot, which is the largest ammunition depot in the world. You won't see much of it though, since it is almost entirely underground.

Prepare for super hot temperatures here, especially in summer. Stop in the town for gas, because the next hint of civilization is quite a ways away.

Me & my brave road-trip companion!