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What to Do When Your Travel Companion is A Dud.

We've all heard the stories, traveling with a friend will either make your friendship, or destroy it altogether. You've ignored the warnings & gone on an international trip with a friend... who turns out to be a complete nightmare. So, what do you do?

I've unfortunately had a bit of experience in this arena. From a life changing trip to France as a teenager, where my trip buddy only wanted to shop (seriously, she wanted to skip the Louvre!) to my recent excursion to Mexico City with a former friend who did absolutely zero research about the place (she thought CDMX had a beach... it's landlocked) I've dealt with all kinds of bad travel buddies & still managed to have an amazing time!

Without further ado, my five tips for how to salvage a trip when your travel buddy is crap.

1: Stick to your guns.
What are the sights you want to see? Make sure you hit those babies. Don't compromise on the things you want to do just because your buddy is too lazy to walk 10…